People spend around 37 minutes per day preparing, feeding, and cleaning between meals. Farming and rural development. For families that have kids, almost 300 hours each spent are inside the kitchen. Hiring personal chefs to free your time is the dream of many. But doing this isn’t as expensive it was before. Hiring personal chefs is sometimes less expensive than dining out.   

But how do you know if you need personal chefs? It all boils down to know that you desire to save time and set a budget as to what you can afford. Your meals cost money but they’re a necessity. Hiring personal chefs will make more sense to you if you want to enjoy more free time. It’s best for you if you’re too busy at work that you don’t have time to prepare nutritious food for your family.   

The Value of Hiring Private Chefs 

If you’re like everyone, then you spend a lot of money on food. Up to 40% of a typical American household income is spent on food, and they’re mostly dining out. That’s around $4,100 spent on restaurant food for a family of four.   

But dining out will hurt your body and your account. Restaurant food, more particularly the ones bought at a fast-food chain, is charged with lots of calories, fat, and sugar. Hiring personal chefs can change that. Personal chefs will adapt to your dietary needs. They will take into consideration your health issues when they prepare your meals. 

How Much Is it To Hire Personal Chefs? 

Personal chefs may bill you daily or weekly. Some charge you per delivery. But how they charge you for your meals may vary greatly.  The cost of Burnaby chef services may be affected by the following factors: 

1. Living expenses  

Food prices depend on where you’re located. A carton of milk is priced differently for each state. The same goes for rent and everything else. If it is expensive to reside in your area, you will expect that the price of services is going to be higher.  

2. Servings  

Cooking costs a lot. The quantity of food to be cooked will increase the price that you pay because using additional ingredients means more work is needed. Chefs will remember this when they bill you. For some, this simply means charging for the ingredients and supplies required to accommodate your large order. But then, others may charge a specific price for every serving. That is, if you need more food, then you’re going to pay thrice as much.     

3. Specialty meals 

Households with different dietary restrictions may cost more, as their meals require more thought, time, energy, and resources. Making a variety of meals to accommodate the dietary restrictions or allergies of the members of the family is difficult. The chefs need to be careful with the way they treat the ingredients.  

They can sometimes have to add more hours when planning and preparing each meal. This is mostly seen in the total cost of the service. Specialty meals will cover food sensitivities and allergies. It will also have to be gluten-free and milk-free, if necessary.